Friday, 22 July 2011

Metalcasting, Model Engineering and Stirling Engines

08/11/18  New question answered on the FAQ page.
09/02/18 Tak has made all 3 of my simple engines watch the                     video

04/02/18 Builder Tak has made the Pringle, EZ Stirling and LTD Stirlings See them here 

24/01/18 A Pringle engine with a pan scrubber displacer improves performance. See the video at the bottom of This page

21/09/17 Another LTD engine added to More EZ Stirlings page.

02/09/17 New page added 3D printed Stirling Engine

05/08/17 New page added Bed leveling Creality 3D printer

27/05/17 Details of improved leadscrew nuts added for CNC

22/05/17 Final details of the CNC machine.

02/05/17 Photos of my completed CNC mini milling machine and spindle update                                  added here.

9/04/17 More photos added to Banggood engraving machine page.

31/03/17 Photo of Y table added.  

05/10/17 New page Dual Z axis for CR 10 printer

18/03/17 Details of the new tee slot table for my Banggood engraving machine

13/03/17 More modifications to the Banggood engraving machine

25/02/17 Software details for the Banggood engraving machine added

18/02/17 More on the Banggood engraving machine

19/08/16 The Traction engine is finished. New photos added 

22/05/16 Details updated and photos of the finished engine on the Traction engine page 

12/04/16 I have deleted a lot of the older comments I received as my in box was full and I have been unable to reply.
If you are asking for a plan please do not ask in the comments but send me an email at the address shown at the bottom of the page . It also shows in the CONTACT section on the right of this page.

Traction Engine
The Myfordboy Traction Engine

This is the latest project for which plans and castings are available.

Simple Steam Engine
Myfordboy Steam Engine, How to get castings and plans.

  Steam engine and generator set

Aermotor Pumping Engine
Details of my Aermotor engine

 Pringle Stirling Engine


    LTD Stirling Engine

E Z Stirling Engine  

Compact Power Hacksaw

The Myfordboy Stove Fan

The Essex Engine

 Links to other sites
         Recommended supplier for greensand and foundry supplies.
     Build yourself a waste oil burning furnace capable of melting iron.

                 You are welcome to email me at the address shown above.


  1. Awesome. I love your videos because you *don't talk*. So many other videos have a person blathering on and then skipping all the process parts because "they are boring". Whereas your videos not only show what you are doing but also let the viewer get into the same zen-like trance state of silently working with your hands.

  2. Great stuff, love the cool calm atmosphere as you work, Brilliant!

  3. i love the work, i'd like to see more, also, i'm building my own flat 4, 2 stroke, have you done any work with fuse'n a harden steel cylender, in your castings,

  4. I haven't used that set up but have used cast iron liners with both aluminium and cast iron pistons. both work well.

  5. Indeed i am overwhelmed with your expertise from casting to machining, from woodwork to sand work and from cooking to videoing. Excellent job.
    On the more serious note, i praise God for your sacrifice in showing this secret to the public.I m considering adding casting to what i do now and your video is a motivation to me.Thanks and God bless. Would you like to make patterns for sale?

  6. I am pleased to hear you enjoy my videos and have encouraged you to have a go at casting. I don't have the time to make patterns for others but can offer help if you need it.

  7. what makes me not succeeded by doing your motor are small issues and mistakes, it would be great as well to mention what are the wrong issues that people might do, so the project is not well done at the end..

    1. Fair comment, I have tried to give as much detail as I can but I can't realy predict what people may do wrong. Builders will have different levels of skill. I am always happy to answer any questions you have.

  8. Wonderfull. I Sent a request for the measures planes to your yahoo e-mail :D!
    Im Jeffrey Axel and my mail

  9. Hi myfordboy,

    I seen that in several small stirling engines there is added a counterweight in some point of the flywheel to compensate the displacer weight.

    I think that this can be done by trial and error prior to link the diaphragm rod, and IMHO perhaps can be an improvement to your design.

    Please send me the plans to attempt to build one of this little engines to:

    Thanks and Best Regards,

  10. Hello Myfordboy,
    I'm a first year mechanical engineering student from Brazil.
    We're supposed to build a Stirling Motor. Could you help me sending the measures planes to my e-mail,
    Ty in advance,
    Paulo Henrique

  11. hello Myfordboy
    congrats.. i like so much your work, could you bring me the planes to my e-mail please?

  12. Hi myfordboy,
    please send me the plans i should make my project in few days from now so waiting for your help My E-mail

  13. Hi myfordboy,
    please send me the plans to the email i really want to make this engine!
    thanks Keith G. McCausland

  14. Hello Myfordboy,

    please send me the plans to the email

  15. Dear Mr Fordboy,
    I thoroughly enjoy all of your videos. I especially like how you show how to do things very methodically and with the perfect amount of commentary.
    It is obvious you have a passion not only for metalworking- but sharing your skills. It is quite sad even for us in the developing world to see the Western world so quickly discard its manufacturing- even we have to compete with China!
    Maybe it is also more sad as we see cities that once built the Titanic, the Clyde and Sheffield Steel and so on wither, and everyday people with skills and abilities suffer. Living in a developing nation- I can assure you poverty is a curse you would not wish on your worst enemy.

    On a more happy view, I have learned much and I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude at the time you take to enrich us all. You are literally an investment casting masterpiece!
    I hope you have developed idiot and know-all immunity from the many stupidos who comment on Youtube.
    Please continue to enrich us all as I am certain that there are thousands more appreciative viewers from every corner of the globe who are extremely grateful for your wisdom.
    yours most humbly,
    Purwo Wardhana of Jakarta, Indonesia

  16. Dear Mr Fordboy,

    please upload the plans or send me the plans to the email:


  17. DEAR SIR !!!



  18. Hi Myford boy, I guess you have a Myford lathe, I also used to have one, a great machine! I still have other model making facilities but unfortinately I had to lose the Myford when I moved to Germany!
    As a fellow engineer, I must congratulate you on your ingenious model building tricks and mechanical expertise. Very well thought out and efficient. I also am in agreement with the majority of previous comments on your well thought out video.
    I have requested a copy of your plans, thank you, and from what I see on your video, I should be able to make this one work. I made several attempts in the past at building a larger Stirling motor, but could never get one to run efficiently.
    Thanks again Brian

  19. Thanks for the comments Brian.
    Did you get the plan OK ? I send out so many now I sometimes miss one.

  20. can you send your Stirling engine plans to my mail address


  21. hola myfordboy , me gusto mucho tu mnodelo de motor striling y me gustaira construir uno , te dejo mi email , muchas gracias.

  22. I have come across your vids as I was just thinking about when I worked in a small machine shop / foundry many years ago. It reminds me of when I used to watch Mr king making green sand moulds and shell moulds to produce small castings to be cast in cobalt magnetic alloy alcomax. I as we used to machine the castings (grinding) I can see you have considerable skill and make it look easy but I know it is not, just one wrong move and its back to square one. Even now you have shown me new things (making green sand). All can say is thanks for the memories and keep up the good work.

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  26. Dear Hi Myford

    Could you send the plans of hacksaw to my email please?

  27. How can I get the plans to make the crumble lifter and pourer?

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  29. How to cast a swag light fixture? I wish i could show with a picture. Thank you, how to hear from you soon

    1. You can email me at the address shown in the Contact section, top right of the page.