Friday, 22 July 2011

Metalcasting, Model Engineering and Stirling Engines


15/06/2020 Look out for another giveaway.
                   Banggood are donating the engine below to be given away on my Youtube                             channel.
                Details of this engine are here. 
                As before it's free entry to subscribers. Look out for the video 
                with entry details.

03/11/19 The winner of the engine giveaway was builderofstuff from Minnesota
               The engine has been sent. Thank you all that took part. Look out for more                             giveaways in the future.

15/10/19 The Engine giveaway is on. 

19/09/19 New page added. Resin printing with the Anycubic Photon

The engine in my video will be given away and sent free anywhere in the world when the draw takes place when 200K subscribers are reached. There will be a further video on the engine with the entry details. Subscribers only, free entry.

Engine details: 4 Stroke RC Engine FS-S100G:
Other Similar RC Engine:
Extra 10% Coupon Code: EDRC


05/08/19   BIG NEWS!  I am approaching 200,000 subscribers on my Youtube channel.                         When this number is reached there will be another free giveaway engine.
                 This one is worth over £300 and will be sent to one lucky subscriber.
                  Be sure to subscribe and click the bell icon for notification of the video releases.
                  More details to follow nearer the time. 

13/07/19  The giveaway draw is now closed. Winners of the engines are
                Jerry Everard and Perry Smith.

             Starting on July 2nd look out for my giveaway video on the vacuum engine.
             Banggood have very kindly offered to supply 2 engines for this.

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel and click the bell icon for notification.

18/03/19 The hit and miss model engine giveaway went to Alan from                                              Wisconsin USA
                              Thank you everyone that entered.


Traction Engine
The Myfordboy Traction Engine

This is the latest project for which plans and castings are available.

Simple Steam Engine
Myfordboy Steam Engine, How to get castings and plans.

  Steam engine and generator set

Aermotor Pumping Engine
Details of my Aermotor engine

 Pringle Stirling Engine


    LTD Stirling Engine

E Z Stirling Engine  

Compact Power Hacksaw

The Myfordboy Stove Fan

The Essex Engine

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