Friday, 22 July 2011

Metalcasting, Model Engineering and Stirling Engines


Bandsaw Model
Made to complement my Marklin replica steam engine. Details are here:
Castings available.

Laser cut Stirling Engine Kit
Available now.
All parts are precut.
Everything included exept cans and glue.


Traction Engine
The Myfordboy Traction Engine

This is the latest project for which plans and castings are available.

Simple Steam Engine
Myfordboy Steam Engine, How to get castings and plans.

  Steam engine and generator set

Aermotor Pumping Engine
Details of my Aermotor engine

 Pringle Stirling Engine


    LTD Stirling Engine

E Z Stirling Engine  

Compact Power Hacksaw

The Myfordboy Stove Fan

The Essex Engine

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