Friday, 22 July 2011

Metalcasting, Model Engineering and Stirling Engines

16/09/14 New page added Make your own Pyrometer
28/08/14  Aermotor update
16/08/14 Details of a new easy to make burner added to the myfordboy's furnace page.
28/07/14 Yet another engine added to E Z Stirlings built by others
                 Preview of new furnace burner on the furnace page.
22/07/14 Suggested improvement to furnace construction.
18/07/14  Improvements to my furnace. See myfordboy's furnace page.
12/07/14 Some corrections made to the Aermotor casting details. Now includes 11 castings.
08/07/14  Aermotor update
05/07/14  Aermotor update. 
03/05/14  Details of the Aermotor model added
25/04/14  A great variation on the Pringle engine added to E Z Stirlings built by others
                 43 engines are now displayed on this page.
15/04/14 LTD  Stirling video added to  E Z Stirlings built by others
21/03/14 Another EZ Stirling video added to  E Z Stirlings built by others
25/02/14 Animation of EZ Stirling added to the EZ Stirling page
7/02/14  The first Pringle engine video received and added to E Z Stirlings built by others 
27/01/14 The Myfordboy Pringle engine now available. 
                 Full build video and FREE plans are available to all who ask.

Aermotor Pumping Engine
Details of my Aermotor engine

 Pringle Stirling Engine


    LTD Stirling Engine

E Z Stirling Engine  

Compact Power Hacksaw


The Myfordboy Stove Fan

The Essex Engine

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