Friday, 22 July 2011

Metalcasting, Model Engineering and Stirling Engines

21/01/16 NEW PAGE The Myfordboy Traction Engine
05/01/16 Preview of new project, TRACTION ENGINE added to the end of the Myfordboy                    Steam Engine page.
29/11/15 Photo of the myfordboy steam engine coupled to a generator added.
09/10/15 More details added to the Myfordboy Steam Engine page.
04/10/15 Photo of completed steam engine added to Myfordboy Steam Engine page.
01/10/15 More details added about the Myfordboy Steam Engine
28/8/15 NEW PAGE Myfordboy Steam Engine
7/06/15 NEW PAGE started. Building an Waste Oil Fired Furnace
03/06/15 Another EZ Stirling video added to  E Z Stirlings built by others
03/03/15 John has his LTD engine running for nearly 4 hours on a thermos flask of hot                        water. See the engine at the bottom of the E Z Stirlings built by others page.
20/12/14 More details of the Waste oil burner for the furnace
07/11/14 NEW PAGE Drip Feed Oiler

Simple Steam Engine
Myfordboy Steam Engine, How to get castings and plans.

  Steam engine and generator set

Aermotor Pumping Engine
Details of my Aermotor engine

 Pringle Stirling Engine


    LTD Stirling Engine

E Z Stirling Engine  

Compact Power Hacksaw


The Myfordboy Stove Fan

The Essex Engine

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