The Myfordboy Traction Engine

My Simple Steam Engine has been very successful and performs well.
I have now designed a simple traction engine using the same cylinder and engine parts.

Length           13"
Height            8"
Width             5.75"
Rear wheels  4.5" diameter

The design criteria is the same as the steam engine. Simplified construction without loosing realistic looks. Some features are simplified for quick and easy construction, for example the wheels have spokes cast in saving much time in building wheels by fitting individual spokes.
They are based on the ones fitted to the Savage Little Samson engine.

The cylinder is mounted on the boiler where it should be and not suspended from the rear of the engine like on Mamod or Wilesco models. The crank is in the correct location inside the hornplates, not on the outside.
The boiler is gas fired using a cheap pencil blowtorch for the burner with a gas tank fitted inside the tender.
The smokebox and chimney have been made a single casting to speed up construction. The flywheel casting is zinc/aluminium which is heavy and machines well and resembles cast iron. The smokebox/chimney and wheels are cast from aluminium.
The wheels can be disconnected from the drive so the engine can be run stationary.
Drive to the wheels is by 4 gears which gives the model a realistic road speed. 
The design is intended to produce a realistic working model for a beginner or experienced builder looking for a quick build.

The Construction videos can bee seen HERE


The 7 castings and set of plans are £105.00

Please email me at the address shown below if you are interested.
I can ship worldwide at low cost.

Set of Castings


A sample of the plans. There are 40 sheets of plans supplied with the castings.


"Have received castings and drawings. Very impressed with quality of castings Many thanks"
Ian UK  

"An excellent project! Drawings are easy to follow and the castings are of good quality and machine up nicely. Mine is nearly finished, just awaiting boiler fittings episode. I have has the engine running on steam from an external source and she runs really nicely in both directions, a pleasure to build and own, I am looking forward to seeing her trundling around under her own steam"
Nick, UK

The traction tractor castings and plans have arrived.   It has only been 7 days since you posted them.    All the castings have traveled very well.   I have not look through every page of the plans but what I have look at, I really like.     I am very impressed with the plans and the castings."
Woody USA.

"The construction gave me pleasure".
  Markus, Germany.